Moulinex Double Force Food Processor FP821811 Silver


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Spinning force or speed in a food processor: DoubleForce is my successful duo in the kitchen with two motor outputs providing optimal working speed and spinning force to the operated bowl. With a variety of programs and tools this high-performing, sturdy and elegant all in one food processor is designed to successfully cater to all your daily preparation needs. 6 SPEED OPTIONS For each motor output, two different level of speeds and a pulse setting are available through the manual switch so it makes a total of 6 setting options to cater to the various kinds of preparations. HIGH-QUALITY STANDARDS DoubleForce has been carefully designed to make it not only elegant, with its metal finishes and chromed brand insert but also sturdy: it remains extremely stable on the countertop, even when operating at full power. It also comes with a storage box so that the cutting tools and the kneader fit neatly in the bowl. TWO DIFFERENT MOTOR OUTPUTS Each motor output provides the optimal working speed and spinning force to the operated bowl. Purple: low speed but strong spinning force for the chopping bowl. Orange: high speed but less spinning force for the blender bowl. EXCLUSIVE EASYLOCK SYSTEM Locking the lid has never been so easy: wherever you place it on the bowl, just rotate it a few degrees clockwise to properly lock. The chopping bowl can also be locked in two positions on the food processor to suit both right-handed and left-handed users. COMPREHENSIVE SET OF ATTACHMENTS DoubleForce food processor is equipped with a large range of dedicated and efficient tools: a stainless steel blade to chop and cut all kinds of ingredients; three stainless steel reversible disks for coarse grating / slicing, fine grating / slicing, and scraping / shredding of vegetables or cheese; a blender jar to mix delicious soups, juices, smoothies, etc.; a kneader to prepare any kind of dough from light to heavy; a chopper to finely process onions, garlic, herbs, etc.; a beater to whip cream for desserts and emulsify sauces such as mayonnaise; a citrus press to prepare freshly squeezed citrus juices. POWERFUL AND HIGH-CAPACITY FOOD PROCESSING With its 1,000 W motor, its 3 L total-capacity main bowl and its 2 L total-capacity blender jar, DoubleForce is able to process all kinds of preparations, from the smallest to the largest. With DoubleForce multifunction food processor, there's no need to choose between speed and force! Thanks to two different motor outputs, it provides the best of both worlds. Equipped with 1,000 W of power, a 3L main bowl and 2L blender jar, plus a total of six speed options, DoubleForce handles all kinds of preparations, from the smallest to the largest. Featuring a comprehensive set of attachments, DoubleForce is your all-in-one food processor for grating, slicing, chopping, kneading, whipping and more. Plus, with its exclusive EasyLock system, locking the lid has never been easier. Elegant yet sturdy, DoubleForce home food processor is your perfect ally in the kitchen! Power: 1000   Pulse function    Number of accessories: 10   Number of functions: 31   Bowl working capacity: 1.5  L Blender: Yes   Blender total capacity: 2  L Blender working capacity: 1.5  L Blender Bowl material: Plastic   Chopping attachment: Stainless steel blade   Coarse shredding: Reversible disc for slicing/grating   Thin shredding: Reversible disc for slicing/grating   Other shredding attachment: Reversible disc for parmesan grating/potatoes' shredding   Kneading attachment    Emulsifying attachment: Whisk   Citrus juicer    Mini chopper    Spatula    Accessories storage: In-bowl storage   Cord Storage    Dishwasher safe    Dishwasher safe - details: All parts except motor base   Colours: Premium Silver and Dark Grey   Speed settings: 2   Bowl total capacity: 3  L