1. Beverages

Beverages & Tea

Soft Drinks

We served drinks for every occasion and occasion, it might be coffee, juices & for guests and friends, or could be soft drinks for gathering or parties, don’t forget kids drinks whenever there are kids. And of course tea, especially in your office or workplace to enjoy your environment. And where else you can find all these Beverages and drinks else than Carrefour.pk and buy from.

What are the cold beverages?
Cold beverages include all kind of juices like Milo, Nestle fruitavital, Nesfruita, Slice & Powdered beverages i.e. Tang etc. it also includes Soft drinks such as Cola, Soda energy drinks i.e. Pepsi, Coca cola, Sprite, Redbull, Sting etc.

What are the hot beverages?
Hot beverages include black tea, green tea & coffee. Black tea is usually used in any season to serve guests and for refreshment especially in workplaces or offices, and when we talk about office or work environment coffee also mandatory for some persons as they like to have a cup or two of different flavors like mocha, hazelnut, cappuccino etc. for refreshment in working hours. And if you are health conscious than don’t forget green tea as a healthy hot beverage. All these can be bought online at Carrefour.pk by keeping your favorite brand in mind such as Lipton, Tapal, Nestle and Vital.