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Buying baby products like Formula milk and baby diapers is much easier than ever. We are providing a vast range of Baby products, either you want baby food, or you want baby juice, you can all have them here online at Carrefour.pk. You can have Baby formula milk as well as powdered milk for your child to maintain his health. From one place you can buy everything, even if it is the baby chair which is made beautifully according to the world's best standards, as well as Diapers of all brands available for you to choose what is best for your child. For your child’s hygiene, you can buy Baby wipes, top-quality baby powder & toiletries. Get the best products by shopping online at carrefour.pk.

How do you choose the suitable diaper size for your child?

A mother knows very well what is best for her child, to keep him healthy and take care of the child’s skin. You can get your favorite brand's diapers which you think are best for your child's skin. from the very first age, a newborn baby wears it every day, and newborns skin is usually sensitive, it is not a “one brand suits all” sort of product, therefore you must choose the right diaper size and type for your kid, for the ages, each brand of diapers has got their own age and weight chart, so you can choose the suitable size for the kid.